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Incline Consultants - Recommendations

Debbie Thompson (LinkedIn - 5/2013)
Details of the Recommendation: "Frances has done a fine job overseeing the Racquet Club of Ontario Homeowners Association for many years!"

Service Category: Management
Year first hired: 1990
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Daniel N. (4/20/2013 YELP - Filtered Reviews)
Azusa, CA
It would be extremely difficult for me to serve on our Board of Directors without the able and dedicated work of Incline Consultants. I know when our Board makes a decision that Incline will make it happen. We don't have to second-guess every situation knowing that the matter is in their hands.

Trish G. (3/18/2013 YELP - Filtered Reviews)
Azusa, CA
I have been a board member for two years. Working with Fran and the staff have been great. They are prompt repectful and professional. Highly recommend if in market for property management firm.

Sylvie F. (11/14/2012 - Filtered Reviews)
Chino Hills, CA
after 3 failing Management companies for our community, we finally have Incline Consultants who are doing a phenomenal job. Thank you Fran and all your staff.

Sara M. (11/14/2013 - Filtered Reviews)
Chino Hills,
They are a "small office" by definition, but provide the quality of service expected from a "big" office. The staff is dedicated, thorough and knowledgeable. The account manager has a very proffessional, no nonsense approach to business and gets the job done without execuses. I have dealt with other HOA management companies and fine them to be superb!

Dave J. (11/14/2012 - Filtered Reviews)
Ontario, CA

I have worked with Fran and Incline Consultants fo over eight years. Her company exudes professionalism; she is superb in communicating to Board members and residents, is extremely knowledgeable of all applicable laws and is simply a pleasure to work with.

Angie O (11/14/2012 - filtered Reviews)
Colton, CA
I have been a board member for the past 18 years. We have had this management company for almost 10 years. They are very helpful and provide great customer service. The office staff is great to work with.

Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB) is a 17-year old independent board that sets the standards for community association managers worldwide.

CAMICB (formerly NBC-CAM) administers the Certified Manager of Community Associations® (CMCA) examination, a rigorous, three-hour test that measures managers' knowledge of community management best practices. Passing the CMCA examination and maintaining the standards of the CMCA certification is proof that a manager is knowledgeable, ethical and professional. CMCA-certified managers have the skills to safeguard the assets of homeowners' associations, giving homeowners peace of mind and protecting home values.
The CMCA credential is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) which means it complies with NCCA’s stringent international standards for a professional certification program. NCCA accreditation provides independent validation that the CMCA program meets or exceeds twenty-one standards concerning various aspects of the certification program including its purpose, structure, governance, psychometric foundation, policies and procedures. Accreditation validates the integrity of the CMCA program and is a mark of quality.

Frances Diggs has met the education and examination standards established by NBC-CAM and has agreed to abide by the Standards of Professional Conduct for a Certified Manager of Community Association since 8/1/1996.

Frances Diggs also achieved the designation of AMS. The Association Management Specialist (AMS) designation says a lot about community managers who have earned this highly respected credential. It says they have the training and knowledge required to provide professional service to their community association clients. It says they understand the nature, importance and unique challenges of community association management. It says they are committed to excellence and continuing education. Employing a manager who has earned an AMS means you are committed to preserving the character of your community, protecting property values and meeting the expectations of your owners. Earning an AMS credential requires a personal and professional commitment to self-improvement, with AMS candidates required to: Have at least two years verified experience in financial, administrative and facilities management. Pass an exam administered by the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB). Successful completion of the exam is required to earn the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) credential. Successfully complete at least two of the following courses offered by Community Associations Institute: Facilities Management, Association Communications, Community Leadership, Community Governance, Risk Management and Financial Management. Re-designate every three years by meeting continuing education requirements.

The experience and education required to earn and maintain the AMS credential means a community manager has the practical knowledge and training to provide reliable management services in many, if not all, of the following competencies: Working with board members and residents. Preparing budgets and financial reports. Performing site inspections. Enforcing association rules. Understanding critical legal obligations. Selecting and supervising contractors. Understanding insurance requirements. Directing association employees and volunteers. Communicating with residents. Collaborating with local officials. Building a strong sense of community importantly, every AMS recipient must abide by the strict code of conduct outlined by CAI’s Professional Manager Code of Ethics. Managers found to have violated the code face revocation of their designation.