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Esthela H. Board Member, Baldwin Park, CA, 56 Units – (Email to Manager, managed since 2013) I would like to share that Amanda (Manager) and Fran (Owner) are very professional and reliable, anytime we need something resolved in our Community, they are quick to respond and communicate. Thank you for the great service, keep up the good work.

Sherry W. Board Member, Ontario, CA, 148 Units– (Email to Manager, managed since 1996) I am an original resident owner at Racquet Club of Ontario Homeowners’ Association (Racquet Club) since 1977. From the late 1970’s to the late 1980’s, I observed and experienced the various management styles of several Association Management companies here, prior to the time at which our Board of Directors selected Frances Diggs to manage our Association. It is not by mere coincidence that Incline Consultants remains Racquet Club’s Association Management company today, 30+ years later!

The Incline Consultants team exhibits exceptional pride in their work of supporting our community. They respect the importance to our homeowners that we preserve our investments. Under Frances Diggs’ leadership and that of her dedicated office manager and staff, Incline Consultants fosters a consistently helpful and cooperative relationship with our Board of Directors. Additionally, they very effectively manage/oversee the administrative responsibilities of our Association; and work tirelessly, responding in a timely manner, to meet the often-demanding needs/requests of our homeowners and residents. Racquet Club was the first condo complex built in this immediate area back in 1973. Incline Consultants has been considerably influential in keeping Racquet Club one of the most desirable and sought-after condo complexes in the south Ontario area in which to live.                                                                                                            

Kim A, Board Member, Azusa, CA, 252 Units, (Email to Owner-Managed Property since 1989) -Hi, I am Kim and I have lived at Crystal Canyon for 30 years.  I saw Fran in action first as a homeowner and then a few years later as a homeowner board member. Fran’s professionalism, her kindness, her listening ear, her memory recall, her firm grasp on all HOA and State Laws, her ability to work with numbers, and her ability to offer grace to owners in a difficult situation make Fran one of a kind.  She is just and fair.  She is honorable and trustworthy.  Her office staff reflects her values. Any HOA that hires Fran’s company, Incline Consultants will be the better for it.

Jonathan D, Board Member, Diamond Bar, CA 113 Units – (Email to Owner 2022, managed since 2015) I’ve been a member of an HOA board for quite a few years, and when I first joined we were in transition from our former management company and searching for a new one. We were interviewing a number of management companies and Fran, with Incline, provided a very professional and progressive introduction. She was head and shoulders above the rest and we all were very impressed. Fran and Incline have since proved, time and time again many years later, why we chose them to manage our HOA. They are all very friendly, efficient, and offer insight that, at times, we would not have thought of otherwise. They are quick to handle any homeowner’s concerns and make it enjoyable to be a member of a homeowner’s association board. We are very happy with Incline’s ability to manage a 100+ unit complex and the many challenges it faces logistically and sometimes emotionally. We are proud to call Fran and her team a member of our HOA family.

Sara Mitchell, Diamond Valley Board Member, Chino Hills, CA, 90 Single Family Homes – (Email to Owner February 2022, managed since 2011) I have had the pleasure of working with Incline’s team of professionals since 2013.  We have worked through “regular” times and “pandemic” times, and they have always adjusted well to the needs imposed on the Board and the community in general.  Our Board is very diverse in our thinking and expectations (which probably makes us a very well-balanced board), and Incline has always dealt smoothly with all our different personalities and worked to help us find a common ground for the benefit of our HOA.  The team has always been resourceful and proactive in finding us reliable contractors and has never shied away from our “demands” for more or different resources.  The team stays on top of HOA laws and has kept us up to date on forever-changing laws.  Though our HOA never had a large number of delinquent accounts, they managed to proactively stay on top of these accounts and keep them under control, quickly and efficiently collecting any monies due to us.  More importantly, they are “personable”.  By that I mean you will always talk to a person; you can call your property manager without red tape and endless voicemail loops, and you can email your manager directly; email and phone calls get returned right away.  I currently have another property managed by a different company and their email is a generic support@…. You can never speak with the property manager, just with a million other people, and you have to repeat your story time and time again.  None of that wasted time when you are dealing with Incline’s staff; your person is your person, a person that knows you, knows your issues and concerns, and is very familiar with the ins-and-outs of your HOA.  Last but not least, I have to say that before hiring Incline our association went through two different companies, one of them a very large company in the Inland Empire area; neither one of them provided us with the level of efficient support given to us by the Incline team.

Raymond Vago,  Homeowner, Azusa, CA – (Letter to Owner – June 2022) I stopped at the pool to pick up my key for the tennis court and the utility room key. I met Nicole. She was courteous, knowledgeable, patient and explained what needed to be done and how to approach it. In the training of your personnel, add Nicole as a consultant.  I am pleased to have met her.

Margaret Diamond, Homeowner, Azusa, CA – (Email to Work Order Department- June 2022) Okay that was fast, thank you for being such great customer service human. Hope your company knows what a wonderful asset you are. Grateful for your time to help me correct my error. 

Annette Mohammed, – Homeowner, Ontario, CA – (Email to Manager, April 2022) Many thanks for your quick response to this concern. Great customer service! Very lucky to have Incline.

Kelly Lutgen, Owner, – Homeowner, Diamond Bar, CA – (Email to Manager, March 2022) Peter and I both just want to thank you personally for all your help and for getting the board to see the necessity of our AC and getting it pushed through quickly. We really appreciate it and want the board to know that. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts and to the Board as well.  Amanda you’re a positive person and I really am glad at how easy you are to work with.

Irene Gonzales, Homeowner, Azusa, CA -Thank you Fran and team for a well written letter to our community. I hope everyone reads this and appreciates all the hard work you and the board do to keep our community affordable and beautiful at the same time!

Richard Toombs, Homeowner, Diamond Bar, CA – (Email to Manager – February 2022) As a long term homeowner and former board member, I’m confident that Incline Consultants along with the board, will continue to provide outstanding service to our  community of Cimarron Oaks V.”

Maria N. Pinuelas, Homeowner, Diamond Bar, CA – (Email to Manager – February 2022) Thank you so much for your assistance and especially for your comforting words.  I couldn’t do it without the Association’s intervention. 

James Moreno, Board Member Greentree Gardens, Montclair, CA – (Email to Manager – January 2022) – Thank You, Michelle, I love the new portal! It has a nice flow and is very easy to navigate. You’ve outdone yourself on this App selection, kudos to you!

Shannon Mueller, Board Member of Diamond Valley, Chino Hills, CA – (Email to manager December 2021) Fran; Thank you and your staff for a year of dedication and hard work as you continued to meet the needs of our community and our Board for DVHOA.  Your holiday wishes are thoughtful and inclusive as all of your actions. We wish you good health and prosperity in 2022 and look forward to our continued association. 

Renowned Plumbing & Rooter (Email – February 2021) We have enjoyed working with Amanda and the rest of the staff over at Incline Consultants Association Management for a number of years. Our successful relationship always begins with the attention given to the homeowner’s needs. It is our priority to get the homeowner taken care of soon as possible and it is nice to work with a realty company that feels the same. I have and will continue to recommend Incline Consultants Association Management.  Richard Saenz 909-938-2039

Debbie Thompson (LinkedIn – 5/2013)
Details of the Recommendation: “Frances has done a fine job overseeing the Racquet Club of Ontario Homeowners Association for many years!”
Service Category: Management
Year first hired: 1990
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Daniel N. (4/20/2013 YELP – Filtered Reviews)
Azusa, CA
It would be extremely difficult for me to serve on our Board of Directors without the able and dedicated work of Incline Consultants. I know when our Board makes a decision that Incline will make it happen. We don’t have to second-guess every situation knowing that the matter is in their hands.

Trish G. (3/18/2013 YELP – Filtered Reviews)
Azusa, CA
I have been a board member for two years. Working with Fran and the staff have been great. They are prompt respectful and professional. Highly recommend if in market for property management firm.

Sylvie F. (11/14/2012 – Filtered Reviews)
Chino Hills, CA
after 3 failing Management companies for our community, we finally have Incline Consultants who are doing a phenomenal job. Thank you Fran and all your staff.

Sara M. (11/14/2013 – Filtered Reviews)
Chino Hills,
They are a “small office” by definition, but provide the quality of service expected from a “big” office. The staff is dedicated, thorough and knowledgeable. The account manager has a very professional, no nonsense approach to business and gets the job done without execuses. I have dealt with other HOA management companies and fine them to be superb!

Dave J. (11/14/2012 – Filtered Reviews)
Ontario, CA

I have worked with Fran and Incline Consultants for over eight years. Her company exudes professionalism; she is superb in communicating to Board members and residents, is extremely knowledgeable of all applicable laws and is simply a pleasure to work with.

Angie O (11/14/2012 – filtered Reviews)
Colton, CA
I have been a board member for the past 18 years. We have had this management company for almost 10 years. They are very helpful and provide great customer service. The office staff is great to work with.

Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB) is an independent board that sets the standards for community association managers worldwide.

CAMICB (formerly NBC-CAM) administers the Certified Manager of Community Associations® (CMCA) examination, a rigorous, three-hour test that measures managers’ knowledge of community management best practices. Passing the CMCA examination and maintaining the standards of the CMCA certification is proof that a manager is knowledgeable, ethical, and professional. CMCA-certified managers have the skills to safeguard the assets of homeowners’ associations, giving homeowners peace of mind and protecting home values.The CMCA credential is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) which means it complies with NCCA’s stringent international standards for a professional certification program. NCCA accreditation provides independent validation that the CMCA program meets or exceeds twenty-one standards concerning various aspects of the certification program including its purpose, structure, governance, psychometric foundation, policies and procedures. Accreditation validates the integrity of the CMCA program and is a mark of quality.

Frances Diggs has met the education and examination standards established by NBC-CAM and has agreed to abide by the Standards of Professional Conduct for a Certified Manager of Community Association since 8/1/1996.

Frances Diggs also achieved the designation of AMS. The Association Management Specialist (AMS) designation says a lot about community managers who have earned this highly respected credential. It says they have the training and knowledge required to provide professional service to their community association clients. It says they understand the nature, importance and unique challenges of community association management. It says they are committed to excellence and continuing education. Employing a manager who has earned an AMS means you are committed to preserving the character of your community, protecting property values and meeting the expectations of your owners. Earning an AMS credential requires a personal and professional commitment to self-improvement, with AMS candidates required to: Have at least two years verified experience in financial, administrative and facilities management. Pass an exam administered by the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB). Successful completion of the exam is required to earn the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) credential. Successfully complete at least two of the following courses offered by Community Associations Institute: Facilities Management, Association Communications, Community Leadership, Community Governance, Risk Management and Financial Management. Re-designate every three years by meeting continuing education requirements.

The experience and education required to earn and maintain the AMS credential means a community manager has the practical knowledge and training to provide reliable management services in many, if not all, of the following competencies: Working with board members and residents. Preparing budgets and financial reports. Performing site inspections. Enforcing association rules. Understanding critical legal obligations. Selecting and supervising contractors. Understanding insurance requirements. Directing association employees and volunteers. Communicating with residents. Collaborating with local officials. Building a strong sense of community importantly, every AMS recipient must abide by the strict code of conduct outlined by CAI’s Professional Manager Code of Ethics. Managers found to have violated the code face revocation of their designat